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Ball Pen Making Machine

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Ball Pen Making Machine


Now a days the ball pen has created a good position in the mind of every student. Due to its cheap price with high quality and greater longevity, every student tends to use these types of use and throw ball pens in exams, schools, office and probably everywhere. Ball pen Making Business is a small scale project with a moderate profit margin having normal sales in the local market. Many big brands like Agni, Linc, Firestorm, etc has captured the market. But still, being a local guy, you can definitely start a Ball Pen Making Business and achieve the sales target in your locality at the initial time.

Ball Pen Making Business is not a profit making schemes or money making way, with the combination of dedication, achievements, proper skills on sales and proper implementation of policies and schemes to the retailers can help you to grow your Ball Pen Project. As this business is highly dependable on your sales target as compared with production speed, you have to be very focused on sales and marketing development. Here, we will first discuss the machines used in Ball Pen Making Business than on the profit margin you can achieve with a standard production unit. All the sales target will be highly dependable on your policies and implementation of proper schemes.

It’s been a long time when the only fountain pens are used for writing purposes, but due to the complexity and high price, it’s demand decreases day by day. Nowadays, the demand for use and throw ball pens is growing for its lowest price and high use value. Meanwhile, there is a huge market scope for the local retail markets. As the name indicates, users use the pen and dispose of after its full use. Use and throw ball pen making Business will make you earn a good amount of profits based on sales and volume of production. The main market of use and throw ball pens in schools, colleges, office, institutions, stationery retailers, bulk wholesalers. Have a proper sales channel and a strong network will boost up the performance of your ball pen making business.

There are certain facts that you should keep in mind. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of starting this business in your locality:

Pros at first:

  • Low Investment: The setup costs for use and throw Ball Pen Making Business Project is very low, This is the main advantage of opening a small scale ball pen making business in your locality.
  • Home Based: Another merit of this project is you can start this business from your home or from a small room with a single phase line. No hyper set up is required.
  • Demand: As Use and throw Ball Pen is a consumable item and used on a daily basis, the demand remains at a standard level on a daily basis.

Raw Materials required in Ball Pen Making Business Project

The following are the raw materials used in ball pen making project:
  • Barrel: Empty barrel where the ink is filled, basically its the main body of a Ball Pen. Price is Rs.150 for 250 pcs.
  • Metal Tip: This is the end point of a disposable Ball Pen.
  • Plastic Adapter: This is the nip that connects the barrel and metal tip from its both end.
  • Plastic cap: This is the cap that covers the pen from the tip, for a good finish and other safety reasons.
  • Ink: This is the main thing that you need to focus on your production line.

You can start a Use and throw Ball Pen Making Business Project with the following machines:
  • Punching Machine: This machine is used to punch the plastic adapter in the barrel from one of its end.
  • Ink filling machine: This is the second procedure, where the ink is filled into the barrel with the help of this machine. (Note: cover one end with a finger to avoid spilling)
  • Drilled Nozzle Plate: This is not a machine but a simple bar of many small holes in it to hold the Metal Nip in its place. After the ink is filled inside, the Metal nip into that bar is hand press with that ink-filled barrel.
  • Centrifuging Machine: This machine is used to push out the air inside the barrel and the nip by circulating a big disk. This helps to smoothly flow the ink while writing.
  • Stamping Machine: This machine is just used for branding purposes. If you have a very low budget and not bother about your own brand name then you can just skip this machine.
So now it is ready to deliver the product to your local store and targeted marketplaces like wholesaler, office and schools shops.

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